Welcome to the new ELAN Dealer Forum!

We've migrated content (accounts, messages, attachments) from the old forum so your old login should work here, and if we did things correctly, you will see all of the posts from days past. We did move things around a bit, and some of the message counts need to be refreshed, but it all the content should still be there.

Note: Profile Pictures (favicons) were not migrated so you will see a default image. But you can easily change it in your profile.

* If you have problems logging in with your old password, go through the 'forgot password' process as your email should be in the database.
* If for some reason your email is not recognized, check that you are using the same address used on the old forum.
* If you STILL have issues, please contact us at this temporary location and we'll look into it: http://www.corebrands.com/forum-help

We'll be tweaking the forum over the next few days but we will remain open while under construction...

The ELAN Team

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